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Preventative Program

preventative dental program in Mississauga

At Dentistry at Clarkson Village Shoppes, we commit to educating our patients to help protect them from dental diseases.

Our preventive dental program is a team effort that involves you our patient, your dentist as well the entire dental staff. We work together to ensure that you’ll maintain good oral health. We direct our efforts not only on examining your teeth but also their surrounding structures.

With the help of a preventive dental program, you can avoid dental issues from developing or progressing.

Good Oral Hygiene is Crucial

Apart from our collaborative efforts at the dental office, your personal home care routine is also crucial.

Our fight against dental diseases begins at home, as you practice good dental hygiene habits and maintain a balanced diet. Kids at home will also be counting on you to help preserve their healthy smile.

We continue your efforts at the dental office where our entire team is there to lend you a hand. Your dentist, your dental hygienist, and the entire staff will regularly evaluate your oral health.

In this regard, please ensure to stay on top of your dental appointments. We can only detect early signs of dental issues during dental exams.

In some situations, we may ask you to have x-rays or dental cleanings. We may also recommend preventive dental treatments, such as sealants and fluoride, depending on your needs.

Preventive Program for Beautiful, Healthy Smiles

If you have any dental care concerns, please let us know. We’d love to further discuss with you the importance good dental hygiene. We’ll also educate you on the benefits that you can gain from preventive dental care services.

We’ll introduce you to our dental team that you’ll meet during your visits. We’ll also walk you through the dental technologies we’ll be using for your sessions.

With a solid preventive program at home and at the dental office, you can avoid costly dental problems. You can enjoy your healthy and confident smile for many years to come.

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