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Professional dental cleanings in mississauga

Professional dental cleanings are part of preventive programs for patients. At Dentistry at Clarkson Village Shoppes, registered dental hygienists perform the dental cleanings for you.

Some patients dread the procedure but this shouldn’t be the case. By understanding what transpires during teeth cleanings, you can ease your anxiety and feel more comfortable. Your cleaning appointment will most likely include the following procedures:

  • Oral health evaluation. We’ll be starting off the process with an oral check-up where we’ll look into your mouth and surrounding features. Your dental hygienist will check your gums and teeth for any signs of potential concerns. In case any issues are detected, we’ll be working with our dentist to ensure that it’s safe to proceed with the dental cleaning. Once we receive approval, then we can move to the next part of the session.
  • Tartar and plaque removal. If food debris are stuck on tooth surfaces even after brushing and flossing, they need to be removed with the help of your dental hygienist. Plaque and tartar build-up provide a home and food for bacteria. Once these bacteria spread, you may be at risk for gum diseases. To prevent this from happening, your dental hygienist will be scraping off any plaque and tartar build-up. The more build up, the longer the cleaning process.
  • Toothpaste cleaning and polishing. Once tartar and plaque have been removed, the next step is to brush and polish your teeth. Your hygienist will be using an electric brush to give your teeth a deep clean. This will also help remove any remaining deposits after the scaling process. Once the cleaning is done, you’ll be asked to rinse using a mouth rinse that contains liquid fluoride. We’ll also advise you if you require additional fluoride treatments.

Professional dental cleanings are performed in the dental office and should be done at least twice per year. Please note, however, that the processes involved in every session as well as the frequency of appointments are not the same for every patient. It depends on the condition of your mouth.

The first step is to schedule an appointment with your dentist in Mississauga so they can verify if you need to take further treatments. As you become more familiar with the process involved in comprehensive dental cleanings, you’ll also feel more at ease.

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