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At Dentistry at Clarkson Village Shoppes, we believe that every child has the right to a lifetime of good oral health. To grow up with a healthy smile, prevention is crucial.

Dental visits should start as early as age 1. There’s no need to worry about your little one as our goal is to ensure that our young patients enjoy a positive dental experience every time.

Here are our objectives in providing dental care for kids:

  • Educate you and your little one on how to maintain good oral health.
  • Guide and motivate you and your child in practicing good dental care habits.
  • Help every child receive dental care with little or no stress.
  • Make your child feel safe by ensuring a nurturing environment.
  • Remove all decay, tartar, and plaque in your child’s mouth. Restore health of your child’s teeth and gum tissues.
  • Monitor the development of your child’s teeth and jaws.
  • Advise you on ways how to prevent injuries and accidents to your mouth and surrounding areas such as head and eyes.

Dental Care for Kids at Dentistry at Clarkson Village

We request that you stay with your child as we conduct the initial examination. Please note that we will not proceed with any treatment right away until your child starts to trust us. We’ll do our best to make them feel comfortable. On future dental visits, having a parent in the room will not be necessary and in fact is preferred.

We observed that spending time with kids, without their guardian, is crucial to establishing a rapport with them. We need to win your child’s confidence so they’ll be more willing to cooperate during dental appointments. However, if you want, you can always come in with your child.

Also, for safety and privacy of other patients, please stay with your kids at the reception area while waiting for their turn to see our dental team.

Don’t delay letting your child see a dentist. To ensure your child enjoys a lifetime of good oral health, take them to a dental practice that offers pediatric dentistry. Get in touch with us today to schedule FREE initial consultation with your child. We’re excited to meet you!