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10 Simple Tips to Keep Your Teeth Clean and Healthy

tips to keep teeth clean and healthy

Your teeth are among the facial features people notice first.

They’re often referred to as a person’s best accessory and this couldn’t be truer. If you’re happy with your teeth, you’ll feel more confident to smile, laugh, and engage in conversations with people around you.

Keeping your teeth clean doesn’t have to be difficult. By committing to simple practices or making little lifestyle changes, you can make your pearly whites look better.

The benefits of caring for your teeth goes beyond aesthetics. If your teeth are healthy, you’re also helping your body stay healthy.

Regular Teeth Cleaning is Important

Cleaning appointments with your hygienist are usually done every 6 months.

In between these appointments, the bulk of work in keeping your teeth flawless lies on you. Brushing or flossing intently on the day of your appointment will never make up for daily oral care neglect.

If you care for your teeth and keep your mouth healthy, you’ll save money too. By preventing dental problems, you’re also able to keep your dental costs minimal. You can prevent bad breath and hard-to-remove stains.

So, don’t wait for your next appointment with your hygienist to start cleaning your teeth diligently. Do it daily and not only will your smile be thanking you for it, your overall health will, too.

Tips to Keeping Your Teeth Clean

  1. Brush your teeth twice a day daily. Thorough brushing twice a day is better than haphazard brushing four times a day. Give yourself at least 2 minutes when brushing your teeth. If possible, do it in front of the mirror so you can check where the debris is. If you have braces, you’ll want to double check to see there aren’t food residues trapped between your brackets, elastics, or wires.
  2. Brush using proper techniques. Use gentle hands when brushing your pearly whites. Brushing too hard may strip the precious enamel off your teeth. This can also damage your gums. Try the circular motion so you can cover both top and bottom teeth as you move along. Be sure to reach back areas of your teeth too.
  3. Clean your tongue too. One leading cause of unpleasant mouth odor is bacteria lurking on your tongue. Removing this from your tongue will help you keep your breath fresh. Brush your tongue using your toothbrush or clean it with the help of a tongue scraper.
  4. Floss for a follow up clean. For food debris that brushing won’t be able to tackle, you can count on your mighty floss for that. If you’re always on the go, make it a habit to leave behind a pack in places you frequent. This way, you’ll always have a floss within reach. Practice flossing without a mirror so you can do it anywhere you are.
  5. Replace your toothbrush every three to four months. After brushing your teeth, don’t forget to clean your toothbrush too. Instead of putting a cap on it right after, let it air dry first. Keeping your toothbrush dry will help prevent bacteria from thriving. Also, let go of your toothbrush once it’s frayed and worn. Replace it as soon as you see it’s no longer as effective.
  6. Be aware of what you drink. The beverages you choose can also affect the appearance of your teeth. Drinks, such as soda and sugary juices, can leave behind stains on your teeth. If you can’t avoid these drinks, at least follow up with a glass of water. Drinking milk will also help protect your pearly whites.
  7. Go for tooth-cleaning snacks. Incorporate tooth-friendly options for your daily snacks. Try carrots, apples, and cheese. These are not only healthy snacks, they also help clean your teeth as you eat. Aside from these snacks, other tooth-friendly food choices are leafy greens and whole grains. Be sure to include them as you plan your weekly meals.
  8. See your dentist. Complement your brushing, flossing, and tongue cleaning with a regular visit to your dentist and dental hygienist. They’ll check your mouth to detect any signs of dental issues. If you have issues cleaning your teeth, you can also take this opportunity to consult them.
  9. Look into teeth straightening options. Twisted, misaligned or crooked teeth are harder to clean. Straight teeth, on the other hand, are easier to care for. Book a consult with your dentist to discuss possible tooth straightening solutions.
  10. Ask about tooth whitening options. If you’re concerned about the appearance of your teeth and want to make them look brighter, visit a dental office to inquire about available tooth whitening options. Your dental team will guide you in selecting a treatment that’s appropriate for your lifestyle, needs, and budget.

Keep Your Teeth Clean, Talk to a Dental Hygienist Today

Take care of your teeth with the help of these tips. For more expert advice on how you can keep your teeth flawless, see one of our friendly hygienists today. Let’s help you feel more confident about your smile.

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