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3 Discreet Ways to Correct Crooked Teeth

discreet ways to fix crooked teeth

Getting rid of crooked teeth doesn’t have to mean getting metal braces. You can now achieve straight teeth and a more attractive smile with the help of invisible braces. Since they’re not noticeable, they can help you restore confidence in your smile without feeling self-conscious.

Note, however, that while invisible braces may be appropriate to fix some dental issues, they may not be enough to treat complex cases. In this regard, your dentist might recommend traditional braces still.

Types of Invisible Braces

1. Ceramic Braces
One popular type of invisible braces are the ceramic braces. Ceramic braces work similar to the conventional braces, except they’re not easily noticed. The brackets used for this treatment are color-matched to your teeth.

Your braces can’t be removed until your treatment is over. At first, they may cause discomfort or irritation. They may also cause speech or eating difficulties. But, those should subside once you have adjusted to them.

In addition, ceramic braces are more brittle than metal braces. Because of this, the treatment may take longer. Your brackets will have to be adjusted in regular intervals and your dentist will have to do this slowly and using a gentle force. This is to avoid straining your brackets.

Also, this type of bracket is usually costlier than its metal counterparts so this is one factor you also need to consider. In order to save on dental costs, some opt to apply ceramic braces only on visible teeth and go for metal braces on the rest.

2. Lingual Braces
Lingual or inside braces are attached to the back areas of the tooth, making them invisible. This option may have appeal for professionals that often face clients or business associates.

This type of braces is also fixed. You can’t remove them unless the treatment is completed. This, however, makes it a favorable choice for those that are worried about misplacing or forgetting to insert their oral appliance.

Lingual braces may cost more than conventional braces because of the customization technique required during the process.

They may also take longer to get used to because of their proximity to your tongue. There are tendencies of getting your mouth poked, which can cause discomfort. Lingual braces pose challenges as well when you’re cleaning your teeth and mouth.

3. Invisible Braces (InvisalignTM)
With Invisalign, a series of custom, clear aligners are used to improve teeth alignment. The material is virtually invisible and is also highly durable. You will not have to deal with brackets or wires. You can also remove them during special occasions, or before eating or cleaning your mouth.

And since Invisalign isn’t a fixed appliance, your discipline is critical to the success of your treatment. You need to wear your aligners consistently. When you lose your aligners or don’t put them on as often, the treatment process may take longer.

Your aligners will be given to you in sets. And after you’re done using them, you’ll need to come back to the dental office to have your progress checked and get your new set of aligners. With each batch of aligners, the appearance of your teeth also progresses.

How Long will the Treatment Last?

Situation is unique from one patient to another. But, on average, correcting teeth alignment with braces last from 18 to 24 months. The condition of your teeth and the orthodontics you’ll choose can also impact the treatment duration.

How Will You Know if It’s For You?
To find out the best treatment option for fixing crooked or uneven teeth, start by booking an appointment with your dental team.

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