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Mississauga Dentist Dr. Hanna Lo is Dedicated to providing you and your family excellence in dental and cosmetic care. I strive to make each and every one of your visits to our office as pleasant and enjoyable as possible.

8 Simple Tips For A Mouth Healthy For Life!

Follow these 8 tips to keep your mouth healthy and keep your teeth with you for life! Brush 3 times a day after meals. If you are unable to brush, rinse with water to naturally cleanse the food from your mouth to help prevent cavities. Eat tooth-friendly snacks. Avoid snacking on starchy or sugar laden [...]

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Are Sugar Free Drinks Safe for Your Teeth?

Do you drink sugar-free drinks? If you’ve decided to cut back on your sugar intake, that’s good! Your oral health will benefit from this practice, however there’s a recent study that shows sugar-free alternatives are not completely safe for our teeth. Sugar-Free Drinks – Not 100% Teeth Friendly A Health Researcher at the University of [...]

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Our Christmas Contest Is Here!

As the holiday season approaches and the celebrations start, we at Dentistry At Clarkson Village Shoppes thought our small community could share some of that Christmas joy with each other. Post photos of you and yours in whatever Christmas themed fun you are up to. Each photo posted will count as an entry to win [...]

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What You Need to Know About Using Mouthwash

Mouthwash is a common addition to any dental care tool set. While it is not required, it does help a lot in maintaining good oral health. When regular brushing and flossing is coupled with a mouthwash rinse, you can help prevent plaque from developing. Gargling with mouthwash boosts saliva flow, which in turn helps keep [...]

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